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Arizona teachers face mental health crisis because of low pay, pandemic stress, scant support

Low salaries, minimal benefits, short staffing, pandemic worries, exhaustion and burnout: Many teachers would tell you this is the job description of today’s educators, and the result is a problem so grim that many are leaving the field or making drastic lifestyle changes.... Read more»0

'We are ready to receive you': Blue states prepare for influx of patients seeking abortion care

Health care clinics in states including California, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington are preparing to become “safe havens” for pregnant people living in Arizona and other places where abortions are restricted or banned. ... Read more»0

Arizona advocates spotlight tampon shortage in fight against 'period poverty'

The latest supply chain problem – a shortage of feminine care items – has prompted Arizona advocates to renew calls for “period equity” to ensure that menstrual products are accessible and affordable for all. ... Read more»0