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Narratives, and blame, shift again as dysfunction engulfs Uvalde shooting probe

The official response to the mass shooting at an Uvalde elementary school — a response already marred by shifting narratives, finger-pointing and a general lack of timely and accurate information — took a further turn toward dysfunction on Tuesday.... Read more»0

'Wrong decision': Texas DPS says Uvalde police made crucial error as school shooting continued

Uvalde’s local incident commander thought the active shooting had stopped and that the gunman had barricaded himself inside the school. But inside, the killing continued, as teachers and students begged for help in 911 calls.... Read more»0

Authorities took an hour to stop Uvalde gunman, raising questions about police response

The police response to the active shooter call has drawn mounting scrutiny in the days since the massacre. Texas officials have given vague and conflicting answers on what exactly happened after the gunman arrived at the school, and parents have criticized police for not acting quickly enough.... Read more»0

Uvalde mass shooter was confronted by law enforcement before entering elementary school

The gunman who killed 19 children and two teachers in the same classroom in Uvalde on Tuesday was confronted by a law enforcement officer before he entered the elementary school that became the site of his massacre, but many questions still remain.... Read more»0