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Stories by Thomas F. Harrison


Evidence of gasoline price gouging is very hard to find

Oil company profits are way up, but gas station profits have declined in 2022 as prices soared, causing Democrats to roll out new bills, investigations and even letters to the heads of the companies -but the oil industry could be riding a wave more than creating it. ... Read more»0

U.S. bankruptcy law governs Indian tribes, 1st Circuit rules

A First Circuit decision that Indian tribes can be sued for ignoring the rules of federal bankruptcy law - an issue that has divided other federal appeals courts - could prompt the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the matter and resolve it once and for all. ... Read more»0

Court tees up truckers to get paid for time spent in rigs not driving

At a time of spiraling inflation and high gas prices, the First Circuit showed little concern about an argument that America’s supply-chain problems will be even worse if truck drivers must be paid for the time they spend on the road but not working. ... Read more»0