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Internal poll: Arizona's GOP gubernatorial frontrunners in statistical tie

Internal Republican polling shows a statistical tie between gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake, the former news anchor, and Karrin Taylor Robson, the former university regent and developer, but those numbers separate greatly when those polled were informed that Donald Trump backs Lake’s candidacy.... Read more»0

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Judge rejects Arizona GOP lawsuit to ban vote-by-mail

The Arizona Republican Party’s efforts to prove that voting by mail is unconstitutional failed in a Mohave County court, but the decision is expected to be appealed.... Read more»0

Arizona’s independents are largely powerless in primary elections

As much as politicians and analysts talk about the importance of “independents” in elections, Arizona’s unaffiliated voters actually have little influence in selecting the candidates who will be on the ballot.... Read more»0

Trump endorses Blake Masters in Arizona GOP primary for U.S. Senate

Former President Donald Trump has thrown his weight behind Arizona Senate candidate Blake Master, who has pushed many of Trump’s talking points during his campaign and hopes the endorsement could be the difference in the Republican primary.... Read more»0

GOP ban on 'critical race theory' in Az schools poised to fall 1 vote short

A Republican bill to ban so-called "critical race theory" in Arizona does not have enough votes to proceed.... Read more»0

Audit: Ducey’s office misused COVID-19 relief funds

Arizona misappropriated more than $20 million in federal COVID-19 dollars in the first few months of the pandemic and another $1.6 billion was given away in fraudulent claims, state auditors concluded in a report.... Read more»0

Resistance to COVID-19 vaccines meant 9,000 Arizonans died preventable deaths, report finds

Arizonans have died from COVID-19 at one of the highest rates in the country, and a new report found that nearly one in every three of those deaths could have been avoided if all adults in the Grand Canyon State were fully vaccinated. ... Read more»0

Kyrsten Sinema has taken $2.5 million from corporate PACs since 2021

At the same time that Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was standing in opposition to raising taxes on corporations, corporate PACs have given Sinema more than $2.5 million since 2021, more than one out of every three dollars she’s raised. ... Read more»0

Arizona GOP bill to restrict ballot drop boxes fails after 2 Republicans vote no

Two Republican senators joined Democrats to kill a GOP proposal that would have banned the use of "unmonitored" ballot drop boxes.... Read more»0

GOP schools chief candidate Michelle Udall hasn’t filed latest campaign finance report

Campaign finance reports are one of the cornerstones for transparency in politics, but Arizona state Rep. Michelle Udall - seeking the Republican nomination for state schools superintendent - has followed her pattern of filing reports late and accruing late fees.... Read more»0

Ginni Thomas emailed GOP lawmaker Shawnna Bolick for help overturning Biden’s Arizona win

Ginni Thomas, conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, tried in the days after the 2020 election to convince Rep. Shawnna Bolick and House Speaker Rusty Bowers to help her overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona.... Read more»0

Az Sen. Wendy Rogers facing Senate ethics probe after blaming Buffalo mass shooting on 'feds'

The Arizona Senate is launching an ethics investigation into Republican Sen. Wendy Rogers for her comments blaming the mass shooting in Buffalo on federal law enforcement instead of the white supremacist who is accused of carrying out the attack. ... Read more»0

Arnold Schwarzenegger helped fund Maricopa County elections, to no GOP outrage

A new law barring elections officials from accepting private grants was fueled by conspiracy theories about money donated by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg - but Arnold Schwarzenegger also gave money to help Maricopa County conduct elections.... Read more»0

Arizona sportsbooks have made $225 million in 6 months

Through the first six months of legalized sports gambling, Arizona's state coffers have yet to cross the $10 million mark, while sportsbooks have made $225 million.... Read more»0

GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters wants to allow states to ban contraception use

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturns women’s constitutional right to abortion this summer, Blake Masters, a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate and Tucson-based venture capitalist, thinks judges should also take aim at the right to buy and use contraception. ... Read more»0

Arizona GOP governor hopeful Karrin Taylor Robson: 2020 election 'wasn’t fair' to Trump

Republican candidate for Arizona governor Karrin Taylor Robson - who is is locked in a three-way race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination with Kari Lake and Matt Salmon - doesn’t think Joe Biden was fairly elected president in 2020. ... Read more»0

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