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Stories by Alyssa Gomez

As nation sees wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation, many find solace in sports

2022 has seen a wave of legislation that the LGBTQ+ community believes is harmful - including Arizona's “Save Women’s Sports” bill - but despite the adversity, the LGBTQ+ community continues to rally around sports.... Read more»0

Minor League Baseball celebrates game’s Black pioneers, builds diversity through 'The Nine'

In an effort to celebrate and uplift African-American voices well beyond one month, Minor League Baseball launched “The Nine,” a community outreach platform to honor the game’s Black pioneers and provide opportunities to young Black baseball and softball players.... Read more»0

'Those bulls don’t know it’s a gay rodeo': Arizona event embraces LGBTQ+ community

The recent Arizona Gay Rodeo - started in 1984 when Arizona became the fifth state to host a gay rodeo - at the Corona Ranch and Rodeo Grounds highlighted an event and a community determined to provide a safe space for anyone interested in participating in western activities. ... Read more»0

When COVID knocked, Pima College athletics responded with successful 'bubble'

In coming up with answers to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pima Community College athletics department officials created a system that brought the sports family closer and was so successful it has attracted the attention of other universities looking to implement the same protocols.... Read more»0