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Stories by Fiona L.Q. Flaherty

Arizona forest health: Stressed by drought & pests, trees are losing resilience to changing climate

A 20-plus year drought – coupled with decades of fire-suppression policies and relentlessly rising temperatures – are behind much of the change in Arizona's forests, calling into question how forest health can be restored.... Read more»0

Buffelgrass: Scourge of the Sonoran Desert is here to stay

Buffelgrass was introduced on a large scale to the Tucson area for erosion control in the 1970s. It has become a scourge since then, eating up acres of fragile desert and displacing saguaros and other native cacti, shrubs and trees.... Read more»0

Time, tradition and trust: The Navajo Nation takes on climate change

The Navajo Nation is trying to restore the land using Indigenous knowledge and long-held traditions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address a climate that’s relentlessly heating up and drying out the planet.... Read more»0

Backyard birds: Annual count uses citizen scientists to take snapshots of U.S. populations

This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count - a four day birding event that gives scientists a real-time snapshot of where birds are across the world - marked the event’s 25th anniversary and uses the data gathered by the public to give scientists a snapshot right before a major migration period.... Read more»0

Climate data reveals a hotter, drier Arizona, with more extremes possible

The latest summary of climate data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association predicts Arizona’s climate will continue to warm, leading to rising temperatures, more intense wildfires, and ongoing drought.... Read more»0