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Arizonans enroll in All of Us program to increase diversity in medical research

Arizona researchers are taking part in the All of Us program – an effort by the National Institutes of Health to collect data from at least 1 million people of different races, ages and backgrounds to help researchers find cures for a multitude of conditions.... Read more»0

COVID vaccines benefit pregnant women and their infants, studies show

Experts with the CDC and elsewhere have issued calls for pregnant women to get vaccinated against COVID-19, citing low vaccination rates and the potential for severe illness and even death - now, several studies show both mothers and infants can benefit from the vaccines.... Read more»0

Arizona bill to ban drive-up voting, curbside drop boxes could harm voters with disabilities

Arizona Republicans who still reject the outcome of the 2020 presidential race introduced a spate of election reform bills this legislative session that would restrict voting access – including some that opponents argue could disenfranchise voters with disabilities. ... Read more»0

Q&A: How Arizona's PRJKT RUBY gets contraceptives to women in need in the U.S. and developing countries

Seven years ago, inspired by his daughters, Arizonan Peter Ax created a discreet and easy way to get birth control to women in need in the U.S. and donate money toward improving reproductive care in the developing world. ... Read more»0

Count the Kicks campaign to combat stillbirths expands to Arizona

Count the Kicks - dedicated to teaching expectant mothers about fetal movement and tracking the health of their unborn children - is expanding this month to Arizona and partnering with AZDHS to get educational materials to the people who are part of an expectant mom’s journey.... Read more»0