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States have until February to submit their unwinding plans to the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which will monitor the process.

States are preparing to remove millions of people from Medicaid as protections put in place early in the COVID-19 pandemic expire - putting millions of low-income Americans at risk of losing health coverage and threatening their access to care. Read more»

The FDA Reauthorization Act of 2017 designated a new class of OTC hearing aids.

As of Monday, consumers are able to buy hearing aids - intended for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss - directly off store shelves and at dramatically lower prices as a 2017 federal law finally takes effect. Read more»

La Ley de reautorización de la FDA de 2017 designó una nueva clase de audífonos de venta libre.

A partir del lunes, los consumidores pueden comprar audífonos, destinados a adultos con pérdida auditiva de leve a moderada, directamente en los estantes de las tiendas y a precios mucho más bajos, ya que finalmente entra en vigencia una ley federal de 2017. Read more»

La administración de Biden anunció en 2021 que estaba invirtiendo $2,250 millones para abordar las disparidades de salud de COVID, pero un año después, se ha utilizado poco del dinero. Read more»

The Biden administration in March 2021 announced it was investing $2.25 billion to address COVID health disparities - and two months later, grants were awarded to every state health department - but a year later, little of the money has been used. Read more»

The federal government has authorized nearly $400 million for vaccination outreach efforts to underserved communities.

Medicaid enrollees continue to get vaccinated against COVID at far lower rates than the general population despite vigorous outreach efforts by government officials and private organizations to get low-income people inoculated, according to data from several states. Read more»

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on March 23, 2021, the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, at the Arthur James Cancer Hospital and the Richard Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

A record 13.6 million Americans have signed up for health coverage for 2022 on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, with nearly a month remaining to enroll in most states - with some of the largest increases in states that have not expanded Medicaid under the ACA. Read more»

Getting an accurate figure on the percentage of seniors vaccinated is important because that age group is most vulnerable to severe consequences of COVID, including death.

For nearly a month, the CDC’s vaccine tracker has shown that virtually everyone 65 and older in the United States — 99.9% — has received at least one COVID shot. That would be remarkable if true. But health experts and state officials say it’s certainly not. Read more»

When setting up the ACA, Congress expected that people making less than the poverty guideline would be covered by Medicaid, so the law provides no subsidies for coverage on the ACA marketplaces.

Democrats are moving to close the Medicaid coverage gap as they forge a package of new domestic spending that could run as high as $3.5 trillion over 10 years and would significantly enhance other federal health programs, but the cost is raising concerns within the party. Read more»

The University of Arizona announced in June it would allow full capacity at Arizona Stadium for football games this season.

In the so-called Before Times, sitting shoulder to shoulder inside a stadium with tens of thousands of boisterous spectators - after a few hours of pregame tailgating - was a highlight of many fans’ autumn, but with COVID-19 cases soaring, many fans are wondering if it is a wise idea. Read more»

Medicaid enrollees are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 at far lower rates than the general population as states search for the best strategies to improve access to the shots and persuade those who remain hesitant. Read more»

The pandemic has been especially vicious to older adults. Nearly 80% of deaths have been among people age 65 and up.

The United States on Tuesday hit a milestone that some thought was unattainable: 90% of people 65 and older are at least partly vaccinated against coronavirus, as political leanings that have skewed vaccination rates across the country have had less of an impact on older adults. Read more»

The U.S.-Mexico border, just outside Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. More than 7,700 people died of COVID in the border area during as of January.

In Texas border communities, not only did people die of COVID-19 at significantly higher rates than elsewhere, but people under age 65 were also more likely to die, highlighting higher-than-normal prevalence of underlying health issues combined with high uninsurance rates and flagging access to care for residents. Read more»

In addition to removing Medicaid restrictions imposed by Trump administration officials, the Biden administration has backed a series of expansions to broaden eligibility and add services.

The Biden administration is quietly engineering a series of expansions to Medicaid that may bolster protections for millions of low-income Americans and bring more people into the program, drawing criticism from Republicans, some of whom accuse the administration of trampling states’ rights. Read more»

Amid a pandemic that in the U.S. has caused roughly 5 million infections and nearly 160,000 deaths while decimating the economy, the vaccine trials have drawn far more interest than is typical for a clinical trial, organizers said. Read more»

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