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As death rates rise, Arizona medical examiners struggle to keep pace with caseload

Though the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office has enough forensic pathologists on staff to keep pace with the office’s caseload, they are one of the lucky ones as Arizona medical examiners say they are struggling to keep up with rising caseloads.... Read more»0

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Popular proxies: Close to 10% of House votes cast by proxy since 2020

More than 31,000 proxy votes have been cast during more than 700 roll calls since absent members were first allowed to vote by proxy as an emergency COVID-19 safety measure - almost 10% of more than 311,000 possible member votes in that time.... Read more»1

Arizona lawmakers among most, least likely in House to vote by proxy

Two years after the House allowed proxy voting as a pandemic precaution, two Arizona lawmakers remain among the House’s most active proxy voters, while two others are among the stubborn minority that has never cast vote by proxy. ... Read more»1

Estados ganan la demora, por ahora, en el plan para terminar el Título 42

Los funcionarios de la Casa Blanca dijeron esta semana que una posible orden judicial que retrasa el fin del Título 42 solo empeoraría la crisis fronteriza que los funcionarios estatales afirman que están tratando de prevenir al solicitar la orden. ... Read more»0

Números fronterizos son más alto en 20 años, mientras llega el fin del Título 42

Los funcionarios fronterizos detuvieron a la mayor cantidad de migrantes en la frontera sur en al menos 22 años el mes pasado, lo que presenta un nuevo desafío para el plan para poner fin a la aplicación del Título 42 dentro de unas semanas.... Read more»0

Border numbers hit highest level in 20 years, as end of Title 42 looms

Border officials apprehended the most migrants at the southern border in at least 22 years last month, presenting a new challenge for the Biden administration’s plan to end enforcement of Title 42 just weeks from now. ... Read more»0

Arizona jobless rate continues decline, fell to lowest rate in 15 years

The Arizona unemployment rate dropped to 3.6% in February, well below pre-pandemic levels and the lowest it has been since 2007, but industries like public service, hospitality and education are still suffering from vacancies created by COVID-19.... Read more»0

Supreme Court to hear appeal of death-row inmate in death of Tucson officer

The Supreme Court Monday agreed to hear an Arizona death-row inmate’s claim that he was wrongly denied the chance to tell jurors he would be ineligible for parole if they sentenced him to life instead of death for the killing of Tucson Police Officer Patrick Hardesty in 2003. ... Read more»0

Two Arizona tribe leaders make case for critically needed water projects

Leaders of two Arizona tribes asked Washington lawmakers Wednesday to support funding for development of critical water infrastructure and to OK a bill that would let tribal water be sold to others in the drought-stricken state. ... Read more»0

Protests demand end to 'horrible' rule used to expel 1.7 million migrants

Former Arizona resident Rev. Noel Andersen was one of several dozen protesters who marched in a number of protests scheduled across the U.S. and in Mexico, including rallies scheduled for Phoenix and Nogales, Sonora, calling for an end to Title 42.... Read more»0

Arizona Sen. Sinema cited in new book, but analysts wonder what impact it will have

Political analysts say it’s too soon to tell what impact, if any, a new book about the Biden administration’s first year will have on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Arizona, who is reportedly quoted in the book as mocking the president. ... Read more»0

Termina oficialmente la expulsión de menores migrantes por pandemia, pero adultos siguen deportados

El CDC dictaminó este fin de semana que los menores no acompañados no deben ser devueltos en la frontera por preocupaciones de COVID-19, una medida bien recibida por los defensores que dicen que el cambio ahora debe extenderse a todos los inmigrantes.... Read more»0

A year later, Arizona city officials call American Rescue Plan aid a lifesaver

President Joe Biden came to the National League of Cities conference this week to tout the success of the American Rescue Plan, which besides tax credits, rental assistance and expanded jobless benefits, directed just over $1 billion to 24 Arizona cities.... Read more»0

Pandemic expulsion of migrant minors officially ends; adults still covered

The CDC ruled this weekend that unaccompanied minors should not be turned back at the border over COVID-19 concerns, a move welcomed by advocates who say the change now needs to be extended to all immigrants. ... Read more»0

After scrambling to resettle nearly 1,900 Afghans, Arizona agencies await more

Refugee resettlement groups in Arizona found homes for almost 1,900 Afghan refugees from the fall of Kabul in August through February, and DES and its partners are prepared to take any Afghans who will be resettling in Arizona, even though they do not know how many to expect.... Read more»0

Supreme Court to hear Indian Child Welfare Act case involving Navajo child

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act filed by a white Texas couple that was almost denied the chance to adopt a Native American boy who was set to be placed with a Navajo family. ... Read more»0

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