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Arizona remittances to Mexico continued to surge through pandemic

The economic upheaval of the pandemic did little to slow the amount of money sent home to Mexico by workers in Arizona, with those payments growing faster in 2020 than at any point the past nine years. ... Read more»0

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Alguacil de Cochise: Crimen fronterizo en un ‘máximo histórico’, se necesita una reforma migratoria

Los delitos relacionados con la frontera se encuentran en su “máximo histórico”, según el testimonio del alguacil del condado de Cochise, Mark Dannels, y solo empeorarían sin una reforma migratoria integral.... Read more»0

Cochise sheriff: Border crime at 'all-time high,' immigration reform needed

Border-related crimes are at an “all-time high,” according to testimony before a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on human trafficking by Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, and would only get worse without comprehensive immigration reform.... Read more»2

States, feds weigh next steps amid 'profound concerns' over dam levels

Officials from the seven Colorado River basin states agreed Friday with a federal plan to sharply cut releases from Lake Powell, as both groups scramble to protect water supplies and power generation by propping up the lake’s level. ... Read more»0

Arizona unemployment hit 'historic' low of 3.3% in March, new data shows

Arizona’s unemployment rate fell to 3.3% in March, the lowest rate in almost a half-century, but the lower unemployment rate might also reflect a pandemic-driven drop in the labor force that has left some businesses hard-pressed to fill job openings.... Read more»0

Nogales sees border-crossing delays as trucks flee Texas logjam

Commercial truckers were coping with longer-than-normal delays at the Nogales border crossing Thursday, as trucks trying to escape a logjam at the Texas border headed west to Arizona instead. ... Read more»0

COVID-related Medicaid coverage extended – for now – for 500,000 Arizonans

Federal officials on Tuesday extended the emergency Medicaid authorization for another 90 days - a lifeline to as many as 500,000 Arizonans - just days before they were in danger of losing coverage they got under the COVID-19 public health emergency. ... Read more»0

Cyber experts were braced for Russian attacks before Biden’s warning

When President Joe Biden told business leaders recently that it was their “patriotic obligation” to protect their networks from likely Russian cyberattacks, security officials in Arizona agreed with a nod – and a shrug. ... Read more»0

Kelly, Sinema join Senate in historic vote confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson

Arizona’s senators joined their fellow Democrats and a handful of Republicans Thursday to confirm the historic appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. ... Read more»0

Arizona Supreme Court sets May execution, 1st since botched 2014 lethal injection

The Arizona Supreme Court set May 11 as the execution date for Clarence Dixon, a rapist and murderer who would become the first inmate put to death in Arizona since a badly botched lethal injection in 2014. ... Read more»0

Critics doubt Biden administration ready for fallout from ending Title 42

For immigration advocates, the end to Title 42 - implemented in March 2020 as a public health measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19 - couldn’t come soon enough, but critics warned that it’s coming too soon and will “open the floodgates” to migrants at the southern border. ... Read more»0

With Title 42 winding down, worries rise about handling migrant surge

The Biden administration will end the pandemic-era Title 42 policy to turn people away at the border effective May 23, and though officials insist they are prepared to handle a potential migrant surge, optimism was tempered by concern that federal agencies are prepared.... Read more»0

Arizona experimentará otra primavera más cálida y seca debido a las condiciones de sequía

Los arizonenses que esperan un descanso esta primavera de la sequía que afecta al estado se sentirán decepcionados, ya que los climatólogos piden condiciones de sequía menores a excepcionales, lo que se llama la "nueva normalidad" del estado.... Read more»0

Arizona to endure another hot, dry spring as droughts persist

Arizonans hoping for a break this spring from the drought gripping the state will be disappointed, with climatologists calling for minor to exceptional drought conditions, what one calls the state’s “new normal.” ... Read more»0

Sinema, Kelly piden a Biden un plan fronteriza antes de terminar Title 42

Los senadores de Arizona instaron a la Casa Blanca a mantener vigente una controvertida política de control fronterizo a menos que la administración esté preparada para manejar el aumento de inmigrantes que surgiría de la eliminación del Título 42. ... Read more»0

Kelly, Sinema tell Biden to think twice before ending border policy

Arizona’s senators urged the White House to keep a controversial border control policy in place unless the administration is prepared to handle the surge in migrants that would come from lifting Title 42. ... Read more»0

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