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The most and least popular specialty license plates in Arizona in 2022

More than half a million drivers across Arizona have decked out their cars with specialty license plates, but they're more than just a decoration: They’re an active cash flow to nonprofit organizations that have raised over $8 million in the current fiscal year.... Read more»0

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Arizona teachers union calls for $1.7 billion in new school funding

With legislators still undecided on how to spend the record $5.3 billion dollar budget surplus, the Arizona Education Association, the state’s largest teacher’s union, is demanding massive increases in education funding.... Read more»0

New Arizona program hires parents to care for their medically fragile children

Amid a nursing shortage, Arizona became the third state in the nation to allow people to be trained and hired by home health agencies as licensed health aides to care for family members under 21 who qualify for long-term, around-the-clock care. ... Read more»0

Education, housing, paid leave: Advocates demand record budget surplus be invested in Arizonans’ well-being

Citing the state's record-high surplus, community advocacy organizations ACE and the People First Economy for Arizona called on legislators to ramp up education funding and mobilize the estimated $5.3 billion surplus to benefit Arizonans.... Read more»0

Arizona House GOP 'skinny' budget proposal shot down in committee

A $13 billion dollar budget, sold by Republican lawmakers as a continuation of last year’s budget while the legislature debates how to spend its current $5.3 billion dollar surplus, was promptly shot down in its first House Appropriations hearing.... Read more»0

Arizona churches couldn’t be closed down in future pandemics under bill on Ducey’s desk

Religious organizations would be granted wide berth to remain open during health crises if a bill sent Tuesday to Gov. Doug Ducey is signed into law.... Read more»0

Bill targeting mask mandates in Arizona schools passes Senate, moves to Ducey’s desk

The future of classroom COVID-19 mitigation measures now lies in Gov. Doug Ducey’s hands: A bill the state Senate approved Monday would force schools to seek parental consent if they want to keep their students masked up. ... Read more»0

Pima County RTA plan falling short on cash, but largely meeting goals

An audit of Pima County’s Regional Transportation Authority Plan - enacted in 2006, after voters passed a one half cent sales tax dedicated to projects to improve roads and public transit - found it falls short by $149 million, putting 11 projects at risk. ... Read more»1

New Arizona law shields religious foster, adoption agencies from discrimination lawsuits

Arizona faith-based adoption and foster care agencies who make decisions based on religious views are now free to do so without any threat of lawsuits thanks to a new law signed this week, and opponents say that could hurt foster kids across the state. ... Read more»0

Ducey has final say on legislation to protect religious adoption, foster agencies from discrimination claims

Foster kids in Arizona overwhelmingly outnumber licensed foster families, and a bill on Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk could shrink their options even further by allowing agencies to deny applicants based on religious beliefs. ... Read more»0

DOJ warns Arizona it will sue to void new anti-trans laws

Just two days after Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law controversial bills targeting trans Arizonans, the U.S. Department of Justice sent a letter to all state attorneys general warning of legal action against laws that violate constitutional and federal non-discrimination protections.... Read more»0

State superintendent, activists condemn Arizona governor signing anti-trans legislation

State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, human rights activists and parents sharply criticized Arizona lawmakers after Gov. Doug Ducey signed bills that would restrict the treatment trans youth could receive and limit what sports teams they could join.... Read more»0

Ducey signs Az abortion ban, outlaws procedure after 15 weeks — even for those who were raped

With the stroke of a pen Wednesday, Gov. Doug Ducey made it illegal for Arizona women to seek an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy — even if they became pregnant because they were raped. ... Read more»0

Arizona Gov. Ducey signs anti-trans laws barring medical treatment, sports participation

In a move against transgender youth in Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey signed new laws barring them from participating in girls’ and womens’ sports, and from obtaining gender reassignment surgery. ... Read more»0

Constitutional ban on 'critical race theory' in Az schools, universities one vote away from November ballot

The proposed Republican constitutional amendment that would make it unconstitutional for Arizona public schools, colleges and universities to teach so-called “critical race theory” goes before the full Senate for vote, and if passed, it will go directly to the November ballot. ... Read more»0

Last-minute K-12 funding overhaul clears Arizona House committee

An eleventh-hour proposal that would make sweeping changes to how Arizona schools are funded won Republican approval on a legislative panel Monday, despite the devastating budget cuts that critics say many schools will face if it becomes law. ... Read more»0

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