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As Title 42 came to an end, a few migrants are sent back across the border at the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry in Nogales, Ariz. on May 11.

After pausing the Biden administration’s actions on a controversial asylum policy for months, the Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the dismissal of a suit aimed at upholding Title 42 despite the waning COVID-19 emergency. Read more»

Voting rights advocates in the case have argued the court could still address the independent state legislature issues presented in the case, but was the only party that urged the justices to move forward with a ruling.

A redistricting battle that could decide the future of checks and balances on elections is now moot, the Biden administration told the Supreme Court, after North Carolina’s top court reversed a prior decision on partisan gerrymandering. Read more»

Virginia 'Ginni' Thomas, the wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2017.

Ethical concerns about Justice Clarence Thomas remained center stage as new reporting revealed that Leonard Leo, a conservative judicial activist and longtime top member of the conservative Federalist Society, paid Clarence's wife Ginni tens of thousands of dollars. Read more»

Thomas claims he aimed to follow disclosure guidelines throughout his tenure. He said he had consulted his fellow justices concerning his connections to Crow and was told he did not have to report the luxury trips.

Chief Justice John Roberts declined to testify before Congress over ethical concerns relating to Supreme Court justices in the wake of reporting on potential violations of disclosure requirements by Justice Clarence Thomas. Read more»

Medication abortion stands as one of the last options for people seeking reproductive health care in areas where new restrictions have followed the Supreme Court’s decision to end the federal right to abortions.

The Supreme Court on Friday stopped new restrictions on mifepristone from going into effect and limiting access to the procedure nationwide, a pause on lower court rulings restricting the use of the popular abortion pill that will stay in place while the appeal proceeds. Read more»

Kacsmaryk’s ruling resurrected an 1873 law prohibiting 'obscene' material from being sent through the mail.

The Supreme Court extended its pause on restrictions to a popular abortion pill until Friday, giving the justices more time to act on the controversial case that could restrict abortion access nationwide. Read more»

Drug companies claim revoking mifepristone’s approval would have broad consequences for other drugs on the market.

The Supreme Court intervened Friday to ensure that medication abortion remains available to the public without restrictions while a legal battle plays out in the lower courts. Read more»

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at the swearing-in of Sonny Perdue as the 31st Secretary of Agriculture on April 25, 2017.

Justice Clarence Thomas spent the last decade ignoring his duty to disclose that he made a six-figure property sale to Republican megadonor Harlan Crow, according to new reporting Thursday that compounds calls for the conservative justice to face an ethics inquiry. Read more»

A late-night ruling out of the Fifth Circuit allows the popular abortion pill mifepristone to stay on shelves nationwide but under limited circumstances after the appeals court handed the government a partial stay of the order that would have halted the FDA's approval of mifepristone. Read more»

The government said the criminalization of encouraging illegal immigration dates back over a century.

A law under review by the Supreme Court makes it a crime to encourage unlawful immigration into the U.S., but there are questions about how government prosecutors would distinguish between scams targeting vulnerable migrants and commonplace discussions. Read more»

Press freedom groups dispute the government’s claim that First Amendment concerns are hypothetical, citing the surveillance of journalists covering the migrant caravans.

The Biden administration will head to the Supreme Court to defend a federal law that criminalizes certain speech - while the law is aimed at those who would encourage people crossing the border to skirt law enforcement, it has been used by the government to surveil journalists. Read more»

A screenshot from the briefing in the case shows the Navajo reservation situated between Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.

The fight for water in the West heads to the Supreme Court next week where the justices will decide if Arizona has a duty to give the Navajo Nation a share of the region's most precious resource - recognition of their water rights to the Colorado River. Read more»

According to a report from the Student Borrower Protection Center, 90% of Black and 72% of Latinx students take out loans to attend college, compared with 66% of white students.

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court appeared skeptical on Tuesday that President Joe Biden has the authority to forgive billions in student loan debt, but questions remain over whether the states that brought the challenge have the requisite standing to do so. Read more»

Confusion in the lower courts could mean the Supreme Court will have to take up this issue again to clarify how its new test should be applied.

Gun regulations preventing domestic abusers from possessing firearms were shot down on Thursday at the Fifth Circuit not because modern society deems them unnecessary but because the founding generation did. Read more»

The court did not provide a deadline for the government’s input so it is not clear when the justices will make a decision on if they will hear the challenges.

The Supreme Court asked the Biden administration to weigh in on a legal battle between conservative states and social media companies over content moderation laws that sprang up after former President Donald Trump's ban from Twitter and suspension from Facebook. Read more»

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