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Stories by Ella Ho Ching

Cahokia artspace, owned by women and led by Native Americans, cultivates 'creative placekeeping'

Cahokia, a modern Phoenix Indigenous art and social space owned by women, is a hub for Indigenous and marginalized creatives and entrepreneurs to host events, sell products, showcase and sell their artwork and collaborate on various projects.... Read more»0

After acquittal, Kyle Rittenhouse opponents, supporters rally at ASU

More than 100 protesters gathered in the Arizona State University Nelson Fine Arts Center courtyard Wednesday demanding ASU bar Kyle Rittenhouse, though ASU officials say Rittenhouse isn’t enrolled and hasn’t applied for admission. ... Read more»0

Overlanding community seeks path to a more sustainable future

With climate change and the dependency overlanding - a form of off-grid adventure seeking - has on the Earth, community members have been advocating for natural conservation and cultural respect, as well as cleaner alternatives in the automotive industry.... Read more»0