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Stories by Melissa Hellmann

Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice

Native American tribes and organizations throughout the nation are working to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard as states go about drawing political maps that determine who will wield power for the next decade. ... Read more»0

Indigenous solutions to climate change could inform Arizona and nationwide policies

The impacts of climate change pose a unique threat to Indigenous cultures and economies, which have long been tied to place - now, Native Americans are leading efforts to bolster reservations and other communities against the damaging effects of climate change. ... Read more»0

Proposed iPhone protections could put LGBTQ youth at risk

Virtual communities have long provided a space for LGBTQ youth to explore their identities, but as technology companies ratchet up surveillance in the name of content moderation, the digital privacy of LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable people may be at risk.... Read more»0