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Stories by Kirk McDaniel

Americans cite inflation as top problem facing the country

A Pew Research Center survey released Thursday indicates that inflation is the most concerning issue facing the U.S. public, as a declining share of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment and racism are big problems. ... Read more»0

Texas Supreme Court shuts down challenge to restrictive abortion law

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that medical licensing officials cannot enforce the state’s six-week ban on abortions, ending a federal challenge to the controversial law since licensing officials were the last remaining defendants in the suit. ... Read more»0

Texas, 7 other states, sue Biden administration over immigration program

Eight states filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, seeking to stop the administration's use of the Central American Minor Program that allows migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to petition the government to have their children resettled with them. ... Read more»0

5th Circuit temporarily reinstates controversial Texas abortion ban

Texas’ controversial abortion law, the Texas Heartbeat Act, has been lifted from a temporary restraining order issued by a federal judge earlier last week after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the order blocking enforcement of the law Friday evening.... Read more»0

Support for prosecuting Capitol rioters wavering among Republicans

Since March of this year, Republican support for investigating the individuals who committed the attack on the Capitol has decreased and they're now concerned the rioters' punishments are too harsh, according to a recently released survey.... Read more»0