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Stories by Laura Bargfeld

'Nothing here is enough': Systemic gaps in health care system affect migrants in Tapachula

Directories list more than a dozen hospitals in Tapachula, but medical treatment can depend on interpretation of law and changing policy by hospital staff, leaving a situation that is confusing for migrants seeking care.... Read more»0

Q&A: Navajo woman starts nonprofit to improve maternal health

A nurse with Indian Health Service, Nicolle Gonzales noticed gaps that left many Native American women with insufficient pregnancy and birthing care - prompting her to launch the nonprofit Changing Woman Initiative to address maternal health disparities in Indigenous women.... Read more»0

Q&A: How a brother’s drug overdose led to one woman’s crusade to reduce harm

Jaclyn Brown has transformed grief from losing her brother to an overdose into action; since August 2020, Brown has served as volunteer coordinator at Shot in the Dark, a nonprofit that provides clean syringes, overdose medication, and other resources to people struggling with addiction. ... Read more»0