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After 'a lot of doors shut in our face,' couple celebrates passage of burn pit bill

The campaign to ensure veterans receive health benefits for the damage done due to toxic substances inhaled from burn pits ended when President Biden signed the law guaranteeing the 3.5 million American warriors exposed to similar hazards can get care.... Read more»0

HHS says surprise billing rules will force over-charging doctors to accept fair prices

Overpriced doctors and medical providers who can’t charge a reasonable rate for their services could be put out of business when new rules against surprise medical bills take effect in January - and that’s a good thing, according to HHS Xavier Becerra.... Read more»0

Congressional doctors lead bipartisan revolt over policy on surprise medical bills

The detente that allowed Congress to pass a law curbing surprise medical bills has disintegrated, with a bipartisan group of 152 lawmakers assailing the Biden administration’s plan to regulate the law and medical providers warning of grim consequences for underserved patients.... Read more»0

Despite restraints, Democrats’ drug pricing plan could still aid consumers

The Medicare prescription drug pricing plan Democrats unveiled this week is not nearly as ambitious as many lawmakers sought, but they and drug policy experts say the provisions crack open the door to reforms that could have dramatic effects. ... Read more»0

‘Luckiest man alive’: Why 9/11 first responders’ outlooks may improve even as physical health fails

A new report released by the New York City Fire Department finds that even as 9/11 responders’ self-reported physical health has declined over the years, they have consistently reported their mental health-related quality of life as better than that of average Americans.... Read more»0