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Stories by Nick Zeller-Singh

They paved paradise, put up a parking lot: Valley racing fans mourn closing of dirt tracks

The rich history of Arizona dirt track racing is at the risk of making a dangerously long pit stop as tracks that were once popular family gatherings as well as stepping stones to NASCAR success are struggling to survive.... Read more»0

Burro racing? A nod to mining, Arizona communities embrace the competition

Burros made their way into the Southwestern United States more than 3,000 years ago, and the hard-working animals played a huge role in mining and exploring. Now, in the last few years, burro racing has taken place in Superior, Black Canyon City and Tombstone to keep the history alive.... Read more»0

$4,000 for a Devin Booker trading card? Market flourishes as Az sports teams excel

Millions of dollars began flowing into the sports trading card industry as fans looked for creative ways to pass time during the pandemic, and some of these high-priced cards are coming to the Arizona desert as young stars emerge. ... Read more»0

Two Arizona women racing through gender barrier with help from Tucson Speedway

Following Danica Patrick’s retirement from competitive driving in 2018, a pair of Arizona drivers are hoping to be among the next women to break racing’s gender barrier, and Tucson Speedway is helping pave the way.... Read more»0