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Las universidades de todo el país enfrentan una rápida disminución en la matrícula masculina

Las universidades de todo el país enfrentan una rápida disminución en la inscripción de hombres con la Universidad de Arizona ligeramente abajo y ASU contrarrestando la tendencia. ... Read more»0

Free Wi-Fi headed to Phoenix school districts to help end digital divide

An initiative funded by the 2020 CARES Act will help Phoenix schools bridge the digital divide by creating the Phoenix Digital Education Connection Canopy, a broadband network designed to provide free Wi-Fi to 250,000 families who have students in 13 Phoenix districts.... Read more»0

Colleges nationwide face rapid decline in male enrollment; U of A down slightly, ASU bucks trend

A generation of men are disappearing from colleges – a trend accelerated by the pandemic - women are enrolling and graduating at slightly higher levels than men at the University of Arizona and ASU bucks the trend, but the gender gap is growing at state community colleges.... Read more»0

Phoenix police oversight office’s first director begins work

Roger Smith runs the Office of Accountability and Transparency - a new city office overseeing complaints filed against the Phoenix Police Department - established in May after months of testimony about Phoenix police conduct and complaints about a lack of accountability.... Read more»0

1 de cada 5 víctimas de suicidio en Arizona son veteranos, de acuerdo a un estudio

Las tasas de suicidio de los veteranos han superado históricamente a las de los civiles, pero las cifras son peores en Arizona, donde los veteranos pueden enfrentar barreras para los proveedores de salud física y mental.... Read more»0

1 in 5 Arizona suicide victims were veterans, 5-year ASU study finds

Veteran suicide rates have historically surpassed those of civilians, but the numbers are worse for Arizona, where veterans can face barriers to physical and mental health providers.... Read more»0

Over 95% of employees comply with vaccine mandates, Arizona hospitals say

Two days after Monday’s deadline for health care workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the state’s largest hospital systems saw more than 95% of workers meet the requirement, according to numbers reported Wednesday.... Read more»0

Valleywise Health sees 'modest decline' in COVID-19 cases but fears nursing shortage will worsen

As Arizonans continue to get vaccinated, the number of COVID-19 cases in one major health system has tapered off; however, Valleywise Health continues to suffer a severe nursing shortage, and officials fear the coming deadline for employees to be vaccinated may make it worse.... Read more»0

Delta variant continues to strain Arizona hospitals, nearly all patients are unvaccinated

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is straining health systems across Arizona as the number of cases and hospitalizations continues to rise throughout the state, but health officials said Wednesday there’s a way to help: Get vaccinated. ... Read more»0