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Google says it bans gun ads. It actually makes money from them.

For roughly two decades, Google has boasted that it doesn’t accept gun ads - but an analysis shows millions of ads from the some of the nation’s largest firearms makers flowed through Google’s ad systems and onto websites and apps.... Read more»0

Infamous Russian troll farm appears to be source of anti-Ukraine propaganda

A pro-Putin network of dozens of accounts spread across Twitter, TikTok and Instagram whose behavior, content and coordination are consistent with Russian troll factory the Internet Research Agency are spreading similar or identical text, photos and videos across accounts and platforms.... Read more»0

Facebook hosted surge of misinfo, insurrection threats leading up to Jan. 6 attack

A ProPublica/Washington Post analysis of Facebook posts, internal company documents and interviews, provides the clearest evidence yet that the social media giant played a critical role in spreading lies that fomented the violence of Jan. 6. ... Read more»0

How Steve Bannon has exploited Google ads to monetize extremism

Almost a year ago, Google took a major step to ensure that its online ad network didn’t put money in the pocket of Steve Bannon, the indicted former adviser to Donald Trump - but Bannon found a loophole in Google’s policies that let him keep earning ad money on his site.... Read more»0

How to avoid being scammed on Facebook Marketplace

Even though Facebook Marketplace is backed by the power of the social networking giant, buying and selling items through the service can still carry the same risks as making purchases on other peer-to-peer platforms or through the classified ads of the local newspaper.... Read more»0