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Stories by Olivia Dow

Public can comment on proposed changes to management plan for Mexican wolves

A 90-day public comment process has begun on a proposal to allow more endangered Mexican wolves to be released into the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico, where, federal officials say, the animals are thriving. ... Read more»0

Harris tours Lake Mead, touts Biden agenda on infrastructure, climate change

Vice President Kamala Harris took a short tour Monday of Lake Mead - which has reached historic low water levels thanks to relentless drought and rising temperatures - and used the opportunity to pitch the Biden administration’s infrastructure and climate plans.... Read more»0

Southern Arizona Sky island succulent listed as 'threatened' under Endangered Species Act

Bartram’s stonecrop - a bright, sea-green succulent found in the Santa Rita Mountains in southern Arizona and northern Mexico - grows in an uncommon habitat where temperatures are lower than the surrounding desert floor, making this succulent extremely rare, and under pressure. ... Read more»0

On the crawl: Why so many caterpillars are wriggling around Arizona

The increased rainfall from this year's monsoon stimulated the growth of essential food for tens of thousands of caterpillars frantically wriggling across Arizona, as they continue their mission to eat as much as possible before becoming white-lined sphinx moths.... Read more»0