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Stories by Amanda Michelle Gomez

COVID vaccine-or-test requirements increase work & costs for governments

Several dozen counties, cities and states require workers get a COVID vaccine or get tested regularly - but it has been costly, often requiring governments to use federal COVID relief dollars they would rather have spent elsewhere.... Read more»0

Public backs Medicare prescription price negotiation even after hearing both sides’ views

As Congress debates cutting prescription drug costs, a poll released Tuesday found the majority of adults — regardless of political party or age — support letting the federal government negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries and those in private health insurance plans.... Read more»0

V-Safe: How everyday people help the CDC track COVID vaccine safety

Of the 203 million people who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, more than 9 million have enrolled in a program to share information about their health since getting the shot - and reviews of the program have mostly been positive.... Read more»0