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Stories by Abby Sharpe

‘I’ll never forget’: Pearl Harbor survivor and Arizonan Jack Holder remembers surprise attack

What started as a calm Sunday morning in Oahu on Dec. 7, 1941, ended as a terrible day in American history - and a day Chandler resident Jack Holder remembers like it was yesterday.... Read more»0

‘Either shut up or lose your whole career’: UA soccer coach among those calling out NWSL’s toxic culture

For years, a culture of silence allowed toxic behavior to fester within the National Women’s Soccer League - now, the league’s current players, along with former standouts like University of Arizona soccer coach Becca Moros, are using their voices to bring that behavior to light.... Read more»0

MLB to provide housing for minor league players, but are more changes needed?

The news that MLB will provide housing to an estimated 90% of eligible minor league players, including those participating in extended spring training and the Arizona Complex League, was well received by advocates who have worked to change how minor leaguers are treated. ... Read more»0

Fire or forgive? Debate about Brennaman slur continues as more broadcasters use derogatory language

Thom Brennaman - caught using a homophobic slur - is far from the only broadcaster in sports to make a discriminatory statement while the microphones are on, but in today's cancel culture, at what point - if ever - is it appropriate for sports figures to resume their jobs?... Read more»0

3 ex-Suns & ex-Wildcat Bynum among former NBA players charged in $4M scheme to defraud healthcare plan

Nineteen people, including three former Suns players and former University of Arizona player Will Bynum, were indicted on healthcare fraud charges in New York after they were charged with conspiring to defraud the NBA’s Health and Welfare Benefit Plan of nearly $4 million. ... Read more»0

'It’s just something magical': Bisbee's historic Warren Ballpark facilitates sports in a small town

Thanks to the efforts of Bisbee historian Mike Anderson and the Friends of Warren Ballpark, the expansive field where dead center is 444 feet from home plate is a staple in in the former mining town, and will continue to be.... Read more»0