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Stories by Rosana Hughes

Melting Arctic sea ice may strengthen western wildfires

Declining sea ice in the Arctic may be contributing to increased wildfires in the western United States, demonstrating the effects of climate change on extreme weather events and indicating the potential for more and larger wildfires in the area, according to a new study. ... Read more»0

Doctors urge pregnant women to get COVID vaccine as severe complications rise

Doctors and health officials are pleading with pregnant women to get vaccinated as more expectant mothers are ending up in the ICU with COVID-19 — and in some cases, they or their infants are dying — mostly in states with low vaccination rates. ... Read more»0

Arizona joins other states to sue Biden administration over transgender protections

Twenty states, including Arizona, are suing the Biden administration to stop the enforcement of what they say is a “regulatory overreach” in federal guidelines that protect transgender individuals from discrimination at work and in school. ... Read more»0

Combination of agricultural chemicals kills more bees than previously thought

The combined effects of multiple agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, are having a greater impact on bee mortality than previously believed, and the underestimations mean that bees are not protected by current regulatory processes, researchers warn.... Read more»0