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FactCheck: Stimulus spending a factor, but not whole story on inflation

The American Rescue Plan came after two pandemic stimulus laws were enacted under former President Donald Trump, worth a total of $3.1 trillion - but relief spending is hardly the only inflation factor, with the fallout from the pandemic the root of the matter.... Read more»0

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FactCheck: Biden’s economic spin

In a May 10 speech on inflation and the economy, President Joe Biden made some misleading claims and used political spin to criticize Republicans and promote his policies.... Read more»0

White House, Republicans and oil industry spin domestic oil production facts

With the U.S. blocking new purchases of Russian oil, the White House, Republicans and the oil industry are engaged in a disagreement over whether the administration has hampered domestic oil production or whether the industry is holding back - both sides are spinning the facts.... Read more»0

FactChecking claims about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

The Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol was the culmination of months of false claims about election fraud, and on that day — and afterward — FactCheck debunked false, misleading and unfounded claims related to the events that day. Here is a summary of the coverage.... Read more»0


Researchers studying whether mouthwashes can reduce viral load, COVID transmission

In the laboratory, some mouthwashes used outside the U.S. have been shown to block infectivity or suppress SARS-CoV-2, but clinical trials involving people are not conclusive and researchers are continuing to study the matter, despite a claim by Sen. Ron Johnson.... Read more»0

FactCheck: Benefits outweigh risks of pediatric COVID vaccine, contrary to posts misusing VAERS data

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System can detect possible safety issues in vaccines, but anyone can submit an unverified report, and viral messages continue to misuse the VAERS data, and flawed calculations, to claim the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children is unsafe.... Read more»0

FactCheck: CBO says Build Back Better not quite 'fully paid for'

For weeks, President Joe Biden has been saying the Build Back Better plan would be “fully paid for” and would not increase the deficit - but the official congressional scorekeeper in its long-awaited final analysis contradicted the president’s claims.... Read more»0

FactCheck: Why it’s easy to misinterpret numbers of COVID deaths among the vaccinated

Raw numbers of hospitalizations or deaths among the vaccinated are not a good indicator of whether vaccines are effective - if the large majority of a population is vaccinated, it’s not surprising if most deaths are among the vaccinated - but social media posts suggest otherwise.... Read more»0


Senators Sinema and Portman claim infrastructure bill Is 'paid for'; experts disagree

Both Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, the senators who negotiated a bipartisan infrastructure bill, have claimed the legislation is “paid for” - but a budget watchdog group says the bill only pays for about half of the $548 billion in new spending.... Read more»0

Fact-checking President Biden’s CNN town hall

In a prime-time town hall aired on CNN, President Joe Biden overstated some facts about the coronavirus vaccines, and misled on other jobs, car prices and government trust facts.... Read more»0

Factcheck: No new revelation on hydroxychloroquine & COVID-19

Randomized controlled trials — the highest standard of evidence — have found that hydroxychloroquine isn’t beneficial in treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients, yet social media posts are claiming the drug works, and conservative outlets have touted an unpublished, and much-criticized, observational study as evidence of the drug’s effectiveness.... Read more»0

Coronavirus vaccines remain effective against variants

So far, COVID-19 vaccines have been effective against variants of the coronavirus, and social media claims blaming vaccination for an impending variant “disaster” are hypothetical predictions that ignore life-saving benefits of the vaccines.... Read more»0


The facts on the increase in illegal immigration

Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers over an increase in illegal immigration at the southern border, and notably an increase in children traveling alone. While Democrats argue the surge began before President Joe Biden took office, Republicans argue Biden’s welcoming policies are to blame. A rise in border apprehensions did begin prior to the election under then-President Donald Trump. But the increase in unaccompanied children has spiked significantly in the first full month of the Biden administration.... Read more»0

Factchecking Biden’s prime-time address on COVID relief

In his remarks to the nation after signing the latest COVID-19 relief legislation, President Joe Biden stretched the facts, particularly when boasting of the increase in vaccinations on his watch.... Read more»0

FactCheck: A guide to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the third COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. Here, is a rundown of basic facts about the vaccine and an overview of how it works.... Read more»0

FactCheck: The data on DACA and crime

Donald Trump's tweet calling DACA recipients "very tough, hardened criminals" is not supported by evidence.... Read more»0

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