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Stories by Sarah Butrymowicz

Trucking companies train you on the job — just don’t try to quit

Each year, thousands of aspiring truck drivers sign up for training with some of the nation’s biggest freight haulers - but the training programs often fail to deliver the compensation and working conditions they promise.... Read more»0

'It’s a shell game': How under-the-radar companies help for-profit colleges stay in business

Tuition financing companies have positioned themselves as crucial cogs in the for-profit education industry - playing a critical role in powering the sector financially - but advocates warn that they can be exploitative and nothing more than an instrument that leads to additional debt.... Read more»0

First nationwide look at racial breakdown of career education confirms deep divides

Statistics released as part of new federal data on student enrollment in career and technical programs help paint a picture of a system in which Black and Hispanic students benefit less often from classes connected to higher-paying careers and college degrees than their white peers.... Read more»0

Supreme Court case could devastate public worker unions, advocates say

A Supreme Court case argued Monday could significantly weaken government unions across the country. If the justices rule in favor of the plaintiffs every state in the country will essentially become a “right-to-work” state, where employees who choose not to belong to a public union won’t have to give it fees of any kind. ... Read more»0

Could you answer these Common Core test questions?

Forty-two states and the District of Columbia are now using the same math and English standards, but the tests they use to determine how well students have mastered them still vary significantly. So even though, in theory, students in Connecticut, Wisconsin and Arizona are all learning the same thing, they'll be measured differently.... Read more»0

The graduation rates from every school district* in one map

Until now, if you wanted to know how a school district’s high school graduation rate fared against other states or regions, you’d have to rely on state averages from the federal government. We decided that’s not good enough.... Read more»1

College tuition increases, but so does financial aid

Good news for college students: even as increases in the cost of college continue to outpace inflation, students are actually paying less to attend college now (when financial aid is taken into account) than they were a year ago.... Read more»0