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Stories by Samantha Hawkins

Attorney General Garland defends memo in school speech maelstrom

Rejecting assertions from Republican lawmakers that he is trampling conservative speech, Attorney General Merrick Garland is doubling down on his efforts to protect school board members as division over critical race theory and mask mandates usher violent threats. ... Read more»0

Capitol rioters face trial delays caused by court backlog, mass of evidence

A federal judge acknowledged on Tuesday that there could be constitutional problems with the length of time that Capitol rioters have to wait for their trial, as the mass of discovery from the Jan. 6 insurrection is enormous and growing by the day. ... Read more»0

Trump sues Jan. 6 committee to block records request

Former President Donald Trump sued the Jan. 6 select committee and the National Archives on Monday, claiming that the committee’s request for records surrounding the failed insurrection is overly broad and illegal. ... Read more»0

Biden rollover on oil and gas leasing spurs suit

Ahead of an auction that will make 80 million acres of public waters available for fossil fuel extraction, a new federal complaint by four environmental groups claims that the government is relying on a flawed and out-of-date environmental analysis. ... Read more»0

CDC eviction hold survives appeal to D.C. Circuit

The D.C. Circuit Court served defeat Friday to a group of landlords and realtors challenging the CDC’s fourth extension of the eviction ban - a decision that keeps the fourth extension of the moratorium alive pending a Supreme Court review primed to go a bit differently. ... Read more»0

Federal judge rejects challenge to federal eviction moratorium

The federal eviction moratorium survived its latest challenge Friday, but the federal judge who declined to intervene and said her hands are tied also stated the Supreme Court will likely find the government's latest extension illegal. ... Read more»0

Judge gives green light to Dominion’s defamation lawsuits against Trump allies

A federal judge in Washington D.C. ruled that defamation lawsuits against Trump attorneys Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell can move forward — denying each of the three parties’ motions to dismiss the $1.3 billion Dominion Voting Systems lawsuits. ... Read more»0

Federal judge wary of 'gamesmanship' in new CDC evictions pause

A federal judge in Washington expressed skepticism over the extension of a federal moratorium on evictions meant to help prevent people from losing their homes as COVID-19 infection surge, but appellate rulings from earlier this year may leave her hands tied.... Read more»0

CDC asks judge to pause eviction moratorium suit

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked a federal judge Friday to enter an administrative stay of a case fighting its eviction moratorium, after a group of landlords asked the judge to immediately halt the new moratorium on Wednesday. ... Read more»0

Biden pushes for more electric vehicles, tighter emission standards

Backed by automakers and in stark contrast to the rollbacks of the last administration, the president is proposing an aggressive agenda with tightened emission standards and a goal of making 50% of all vehicles sold in 2030 electric. ... Read more»0

At impasse with White House, ACLU resumes fight for asylum seekers

The Trump-instituted rush on deportations using Title 42, an obscure public health authority, has shown no sign of abating eight months into the new administration, leading immigration advocates back to the courtroom to halt the policy. ... Read more»0

Six months later, search for Capitol rioters continues

On the six-month anniversary of the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, hundreds of rioters who attempted to stop lawmakers from certifying President Joe Biden’s electoral victory still need to be found - and officials are ramping up security measures. ... Read more»0

Arizona voter-suppression laws survive U.S. Supreme Court appeal

Eight years after the Supreme Court struck down key elements of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, it broke on party lines with a split 6-3 vote to uphold Arizona election laws said to be racially discriminatory and to weaken the voting power of minorities.... Read more»1