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Stories by Samantha Molina

'A perfect storm:' Body image struggles, eating disorders converge during pandemic

As many are facing pandemic-related mental health challenges, including the way they view themselves and their bodies, Arizona college students have formed support groups to combat negative body image.... Read more»0

'Dog-flipping' on the rise as more Americans seek companionship during pandemic

Nationwide lockdowns in the past year have driven demand for companionship from man’s best friend during the pandemic, and shelters across the country have seen spikes in dog adoptions and fosters. But some pricey and popular canines are being ripped away from their intended forever homes and sold to unsuspecting buyers. ... Read more»0

‘Words matter’: Asian Americans frightened, frustrated by continued hate crimes

Atlanta police say it’s too early to say whether last week’s shooting rampage, which left six women of Asian descent dead, was a hate crime. But there’s no question that hate is on the rise for many Asian Americans, who are frightened but not surprised by such attacks. Reports of discrimination extend to the beginning of the pandemic, when the former president began mocking and vilifying Asians by describing COVID-19 as “kung flu” or “the China virus,” but they have worsened in 2021. ... Read more»0

Arizona education advocates oppose expansion of private school vouchers

Public education advocates gathered at the Arizona Capitol to protest a proposed voucher expansion that they say would further defund public schools. Arizona voters rejected similar legislation two years ago.... Read more»0

Pandemic exposed social inequities, created backlogs of care, Mayo specialists say

Disadvantaged populations are at risk because they work jobs deemed essential, which increases their potential for exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and have less access to health care resources, according to a panel of the Mayo Clinic medical team.... Read more»0

How university students & faculty are joining the race in COVID PPE innovation

As the coronavirus has claimed more than 443,000 lives in the U.S. alone, the call for more personal protective equipment becomes greater. Now, universities and their students are imagining ways to not only improve public attitudes toward masks but also the technology behind them.... Read more»0