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Weds. deadline to mail ballots in Tucson's Prop. 411 sales tax election

Tucsonans who've filled out their ballots in the Prop. 411 special election should mail them back by Wednesday, or drop them in person at one of four locations through Election Day, May 17.... Read more»0

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Tucson opens ballot drop-off sites in Prop. 411 sales tax election

Tucsonans who've filled out their ballots in the Prop. 411 special election can drop them off at four locations through Election Day, May 17.... Read more»1

Tucson hits 100 degrees Tuesday: 3rd-earliest date ever above century mark

If things felt just a bit hotter when you stepped outside Tuesday, you're attuned to the weather. Tuesday was the third-earliest date on which Tucson's recorded temperature hit at least 100 degrees — and the earliest since 2012.... Read more»0

Pima Supes OK Lesher's contract; Huckelberry getting $1.1 million in 'excess' pension

Jan Lesher, the new Pima County administrator, will be paid $260,000 per year, significantly less than her predecessor, Chuck Huckelberry — who is being paid out $1.1 million more in retirement than documents revealed previously.... Read more»0

Monday deadline to register to vote in Tucson's May 17 road tax election

Midnight on Monday, April 18, is the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming Tucson city election — voters will decide whether to continue a half-cent sales tax and dedicate it to street improvements and transportation projects.... Read more»0

Celebration of Tucson's desert rock dumps Holocaust denier who spreads Nazi memes

Local music legends will take the Hotel Congress stage Saturday, but along with River Roses, Sidewinders and Giant Sand there was to be one performer who's become more notorious for his posting of antisemitic screeds and pro-Nazi memes — Chuck Maultsby of Chuck Wagon and the Wheels.... Read more»0

Lesher appointed Pima County admin after Supes accept Huckelberry resignation

Jan Lesher, for years the second-in-command of Pima County bureaucracy and for months the acting administrator, was appointed as the replacement for Chuck Huckelberry on Tuesday, as the Board of Supervisors voted to negotiate a contract with her.... Read more»0


Huckelberry retired 9 mos. ago, withheld info from Pima County supervisors

Although it was announced last week that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry would leave his post in the wake of a devastating bike crash, records revealed by the Tucson Sentinel show the longtime local government honcho actually retired on July 4, 2021, and began receiving his pension.... Read more»0

Huckelberry retiring after 29 years as Pima County administrator

After three decades as the most powerful political player in Southern Arizona, Chuck Huckelberry — still recovering from a vehicle crashing into his bicycle last fall — is hanging up his Dictaphone and retiring as Pima County's top administrator. ... Read more»0

Sentenced to 6 mos. for tax fraud, ex-judge Keith Bee is 'indigent' but still owns $3 million in luxury homes

Keith Bee, a former Pima justice of the peace, was sentenced Wednesday to six months for filing a false tax return. Described as "indigent," Bee still has $3 million in luxury homes in his name, and statements made by his attorney indicate he may not have been legally eligible to serve on the bench.... Read more»0

Quick take

Sinema: 'I don't care, just don't move the clocks all the time'

Kyrsten Sinema, a senator from a state where residents don't change their clocks, said Thursday that "I don't care, just don't move the clocks all the time," after cheering as she presided over the passage of a so-called "permanent Daylight Saving Time" measure.... Read more»0

Lift a glass & sing along: St. Patrick's Day playlist

Whether it's the lilting strains of a classic folk song or the pounding of three-chord punk rock — or the omnipresent U2 — the music of the small island of Ireland has influenced artists throughout the world. So raise a glass of Guinness, tap your toe or even get up and dance a bit as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with song.... Read more»0

Don't touch that clock! Rest of U.S. springing ahead to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday morning for most of the United States, but Arizona residents won't have to switch their clocks — we don't observe DST.... Read more»0

Conover reverses, will resume drug charges after Pima jail numbers stay high

Saying that her policy to reduce crowding and decrease COVID-19 risks at the jail was "undermined," Pima County Attorney Laura Conover will resume filing charges in minor drug cases, in order to direct people to treatment via court.... Read more»0

State Bar emails suspension notice to every attorney in Arizona

The hearts of thousands of attorneys across Arizona skipped a beat or two on Thursday morning, as they read emails from the State Bar that said their licenses to practice law were in jeopardy.... Read more»0

Ducey firmly disavows Senate run: 'I'm an executive'

Gov. Doug Ducey put an end to speculation that he might jump into this year's Senate race in Arizona, telling donors "I'm an executive" in an email explaining why he doesn't want to run to be a federal legislator in this election.... Read more»0

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