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Rebekah Zemansky

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Rebekah Zemansky
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Exploring is as much about people and ideas as it is about places and I was born curious.

To that, both sides of my family contributed to a deep love of words, language, maps and storytelling.

After a few years of adventures, my family settled down in Lawrence, Kansas when I was five. There, I survived junior high school and later completed a double major in political science and international studies at the University of Kansas. Wanting to tell stories to the best of my ability led me to Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School so that I could hone skills from reporting skills from interviewing to fact checking and technical skills from photography to video editing.

Now I hope to combine my interests, skills, and training for collecting multimedia and telling diverse stories. Whether it’s with video cameras, tape recorders, photography or my notebook and pen, I want to bring back stories that include sights, sounds, taste and smells.


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