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Since I stopped working full time, I feel younger I than have in years. Tryin’ to live by hope (not the political slogan), rather than fear. I prefer to listen to new music—Delta Spirit is one new fave—not the stuff from my prime years—though some of that is still good. I used to get paid—not much—to write about films and music, and interview cult sort of people associated with those two things. I read Paste Magazine not Rolling Stone, which is just a gossip rag now, with, I’ll grant, an occasional good piece on politics—something I’ve sworn off as mostly pointless. I try to keep up with new music and interesting new films. Mostly that means indie in both cases. Recently went back to using film and old 35mm cameras for my amateur photographic efforts, though I have two digital cameras. Using film, and manual, or only partially automated, cameras makes you think about what you’re doing more—that’s a good thing. I just started to do volunteer work with the Friends of the Library


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  • Location: Tucson, AZ NW area
  • Occupation: Human Being--that's a snob question. Read Somebodies and Nobodies
  • Interests: writing, reading, photography, birding--but I'm not obsessive about it


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