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Who would Jesus deport?

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Who would Jesus deport?

The DREAM Act was voted down in the U.S. Senate on Saturday. The Republicans (and a few Democrats) have decided that it's not in our country's best interest to allow a child (who may have been brought to this country at the age of six months and has known no other home, language or way of life) to become a legal citizen, serve in our military and pay into our government system.

The moral majority, who like to talk about being a "Christian nation" and in the case of Bush and Brewer, like to claim that their elections were "by the grace of God," are now taking the time to show us it isn't about fairness, honesty, respect or doing what is right for other human beings, but instead (just like Jesus did) they are showing us that we should always focus on protecting our "freedom," our "exceptionalism" and our "way of life."

It's not really about compassion, it's more about doing all we can to keep those who don't fit our definition of human beings away from our toys.

Of course, just like the 70% of illegal immigrants who actually came here legally, but due to our screwed up system, have become illegal, these young adults will also add to the number of "illegals" in America.

Luckily, this will give the moral majority an enemy, that they can demonize to scare "real Americans" come election time, thereby ensuring their votes based on fear, hate and ignorance.

A win/win for everyone. Well, almost everyone, but who's counting?

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