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Who would Jesus (let) die?

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Who would Jesus (let) die?

With a stimulus fund of $200 million, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer really knows her priorities.

So far she as put $10 million toward border security, to help keep the drug mule and headless body problem to a minimum. She's also applied $50 million to our prison system — a system that we all know is working so well, with its 80 percent recidivism rate.

Brewer also found that a good way to save 1/10th of 1% of our deficit, approximately $1.4 million, is to remove poor people from the lists of those who are waiting for organ transplants. Of course, on Fox News (sic), she said it didn't include heart or liver transplants, but facts have shown it actually does.

Facts have also shown that there is still around $25 million in stimulus money that remains to be spent. According to the great debater, this money has already been promised to specific programs (that she is unwilling, or unable, to provide information on).

Her solution to the families of those dying is to ask the federal government for more stimulus money (this is the same stimulus money the GOP screamed against, then gladly accepted for their states, because that's how they roll). She also has said that she was "appointed by God" for this position.

So far, two people have died due to Brewer's GOP death panels, which means she is a nutjob... or God is. You decide.

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