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Brewer: Dec. 7 a poignant anniversary for Arizonans

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Brewer: Dec. 7 a poignant anniversary for Arizonans

Saturday, Americans will unite to remember and reflect on the tragic events at Pearl Harbor 72 years ago. Let us pay special tribute to the nearly 2,400 Americans who died in the unprovoked attack, as well as every sailor, soldier, marine and airman who served and sacrificed for our great country during World War II.

For Arizonans, December 7 is an especially poignant anniversary, as nearly half of those killed were aboard the battleship named for our state: the USS Arizona. While the ship was sunk on that day that will 'live in infamy,' its anchor and gun barrel – on display outside the State Capitol in Phoenix – will forever commemorate that fateful morning and honor the 1,777 aboard the USS Arizona who lost their lives in the attack. I invite all Arizonans and visitors to visit this special memorial and pay respect and gratitude to those men and women.

As we remember those who died at Pearl Harbor and throughout World War II, let us also recognize and pray for the countless men and women in uniform who continue to defend our lives and liberties on both American and foreign soil. We should not take for granted our freedom, and we shall never forget those who serve to preserve it.

In honor of the brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice at Pearl Harbor, I have ordered that flags at all state buildings be flown at half-staff from sunrise until sunset Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013. I encourage all Arizonans to join in this tribute.

Jan Brewer is the Republican governor of Arizona.

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