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Claytoonz: Elon's Thanksgiving turkey

Claytoonz: Elon's Thanksgiving turkey

Donald Trump was removed and banned from Twitter for instigating a white nationalist terrorist attack designed to overturn a free and fair election and install him as an unelected dictator. Twitter removing him was the right move because he’s a national security threat and used the platform to attack our nation. People died because of Trump’s use of Twitter to start a riot. He told his supporters to come to Washington to stop the certification of an election, telling them it was “going to be wild.” Now, Elon Musk, the troll who bought Twitter, has reinstated Donald Trump.

Elon conducted a poll on Twitter asking if Trump should be reinstated. The poll itself was trolling. “Yes” won with 51.8 percent. Elon used this to justify lifting the ban on Trump. A little over 15 million Twitter users responded to the poll while there are over 450 million active Twitter accounts. There’s no telling how many of the 15 million were bots, and there were certainly a lot of users who didn’t want to feed Elon’s ego by participating in his stupid little poll. Elon claimed 134 million users saw the poll which is admitting the majority didn’t want to play with him. This is another fake win for Trump.

Trump claims he won’t return to Twitter, but we know he’s a liar. If Donald Trump actually stands by his commitment not to return to Twitter, it’ll only be because doing so will destroy the failing platform he created, Truth Social.

Elon claims reinstating Trump is free speech, but instigating a terrorist attack isn’t free speech. I think Elon knows this but he just doesn’t care about the damage he inflicts on this nation. He made it clear he wanted Republicans to win the midterms so he’s obviously reinstating Trump to help Trump retake the White House. Now, Elon has made Twitter a safe haven for terrorists.

With all the decisions Elon has made since he took the platform over, it almost seems like he wants to destroy Twitter. And it almost seems like he wants to destroy this nation.

Clay Jones is the 2022 recipient of the RFK Human Rights Journalism Award in Editorial Cartooning, and won a 2021 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists. He was a finalist for the Herblock Prize in 2019 and a finalist for the National Headliner Award in 2020. See more award-winning editorial cartoons from him at

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