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Note: This story is more than 5 years old.

Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Trump: 'Gotcha'

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Arnie Bermudez

Donald Trump is my president-elect. Come January he will be my president. Unfortunately.

Somehow a loud-mouthed, vulgar, orange alleged billionaire not only won the Republican nomination, but also the election. The man with possibly the most fragile ego on Twitter managed to win the highest office in the land.

If you have kids prepare to explain to them that at some point in American history we voted (well the Electoral College did) into office a man who uttered the words “you can grab them by the pussy” in reference to women. If you have daughters, well you’ll have to either denounce that statement for what it is, or like the rest of the Trump supporters, find some sort of justification or excuse to downplay it, such as, “well, he was only 59 at the time.”

Also, have a good explanation for why we decided to go with the candidate who was enthusiastically endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan. If you are a minority of any kind or have friends or relatives who are, this is another time when it's good to have a handy-dandy excuse ready. Maybe, “we felt as a nation that racists were also underrepresented.”

The about-to-be most powerful man in the world ran on a campaign that espoused sexual assault, denied climate change and the benefits of vaccines, stoked fears of foreigners in a nation founded and built by immigrants, and advocated violence at his own rallies. Let that sink in. Then realize that as far as we know life only exists on Earth, so that also makes him the most powerful man in the known universe.

That guy. That’s the guy we decided should be in charge of our nation.

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Nov 14, 2016, 1:17 pm
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No responses? Likely cuz it was done on Election Day.  Hey Arnie, maybe you’re not in position to give parenting advise? Dude, you’re now ‘Hate-in’ like you’re askin’ all others NOT to do.  Why stomp your feet like a 4 year-old if you’re actually proposing to do what’s been done for over 200 years… accepting the ‘Will of the People’ not spouting hatefulness in words, and in CARTOON? By the way, your cartoon could kinda Violate Tucson Sentinel’s ‘Terms of Agreement,’ but we’ll side on support of your 1st Amendment Rights.

Yes, it was a nasty Campaign (on both sides), and if you bother to look deeper (at History, not ‘back story’) you’ll find even worse! I invite you to watch the complete 60 minutes interview, listen, learn, then accept that our country has swung back to the Right. The tactics used in the Campaign clearly worked to ‘motivate people to vote,’ and a lot of it will pan out in the Middle.  This happens on a regular basis, if again, one looks at the History of the United States; which I submit IS great because of its resilience!

This is not the end of our Nation, even if some of us don’t get what we want.  I’ve lived and voted enough to see that there is now a particular generation that is not used to, nor tolerant to disappointment.  Whomever you are, and whether you agree we are a Nation of Laws; cross ‘em, and you’re made to accept it’s consequences.  So… one’s right to protest ends when my right to freely travel to pick-up groceries is denied!  Hey, my family’s gotta eat! ... So does yours, so everyone take a deep breath, ‘Stop Hating’ and Get-to-Work doing something positive to make things better! If you want a less hateful country, start lovin’ and doin’, talk is cheap. M

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