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Hate or Hope, same choices as last time

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Hate or Hope, same choices as last time

We are always guaranteed two things when we have a Republican president and a GOP majority in Congress. We can rely on the fact that corporations, war funding and the wealthiest Americans will do very well financially. We can also rely on the fact that the GOP knows the recipe for success is to make sure Americans feel either fear or hate, preferably both.

A common enemy is always the way to stir the uneducated into voting based on their fear of others. It can be communism, socialism, Marxism, atheism, other races, ethic group or religions. It doesn't matter who it is, as long as you create an "us vs. them" attitude.

If you can't find anyone in the world to hate, no problem, we have enough Muslims, racial groups, non-religious groups, gays or pro-choice people in America to stir up your followers into feeling their "way of life" and value systems are at stake.

The Party of No has shown us that they are willing to vote against everything a liberal president and Congress try to move forward — even healthcare for 9/11 responder heroes, a move that was baffling to most everyone.

They are willing to let the country fail in order to claim a "win" in the next election and they are willing to let Americans suffer at the hands of health insurance companies, unfair employers, credit card companies, mortgage firms and even Wall Street, in order to keep those who give them the big bucks happy and healthy.

In short, they are willing to choose their personal gains and ideologies over what is best for those they are meant to serve. They choose Party over Country time and time again.  

So here we are again, another election period where we are given the choice to pick a group of people that have hope that America can do better if we work at it, or the group that likes to create fear and hate as a means of moving the country toward their version of values and morals.

Choose wisely, because the faucet will stay on for another two years.

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