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Note: This story is more than 1 year old.

Guest opinion

Veteran naval aviators endorse McSally

We are "Naval Aviators for McSally." We are a group of former Navy fighter pilots, including retired admirals, two former aircraft carrier COs, two Blue Angel COs, and a former TOPGUN CO.

As fellow former naval aviators, we are alarmed by the prospect of Mark Kelly becoming Sen. Kelly. He has based a good portion of his ad campaign on his service as a naval aviator and astronaut. Well, we have already seen a group of distinguished former astronauts come out against Kelly. We echo their concern and view his career in the Navy and at NASA does not make him qualified to serve in the Senate.

There is one real fighter in this race, and it is McSally. That is why we are coming out loud and clear in support of the combat pilot from our sister service, the United State Air Force.

Arizona already has one invisible senator and Chuck Schumer lap dog in Sen. Sinema. When she ran against Martha, she claimed she would be an independent voice for Arizona. But how many bills has she passed? Remember when she said she wouldn't vote for Chuck Schumer as majority leader, and then immediately broke her promise to Arizonans with her first vote? We do. We can't afford another empty suit promise breaker.

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Consider the Democratic Party platform. This is the pathway to socialism, and adding another Democratic vote in the Senate for what would ultimately destroy our constitutional republic is unconscionable. The Democratic platform is frightening: the largest tax increase in modern history, open borders, Green New Deal, free health care for illegal immigrants—the list goes on.

Martha McSally is a real fighter with a proven record that shows she isn't afraid to stand up against the Democrats' radical agenda.

But the most alarming aspect of Kelly's hidden agenda is his stance against the Second Amendment. Project Veritas caught a Mark Kelly campaign aide on tape saying he was waiting to get elected to present his real, far-Left views on gun control. But if you look at the record—which Mark hopes you won't—his positions are abundantly clear. Kelly founded a liberal gun control organization that has spent more than a decade supporting radical candidates. His group even gave socialist haven California an "A" rating for their gun control policies!

Kelly will be, at best, a very weak Democratic Party compliant senator coming after your firearms. He will follow Schumer's lead down the radical road leaning hard left and not fighting for Arizona values. We can't let him get elected. If Arizona elected Mark Kelly it could tip control of the Senate and usher in the entire radical Democratic agenda.

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Martha McSally has done more for our veterans and the people of Arizona in her short time as senator than most others in many years. In just the year and a half she's been in the Senate, she crafted and passed into law significant measures on military sexual assault and created veterans treatment courts, a nationwide program to help veterans who come home from serving with invisible wounds of war. She lives out the core values we all fought for.

Like the multitude of patriotic Americans, we can't believe what has happened to the Democratic Party. It has been taken over by far-Left radicals who have taken Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" to heart. They are against the Constitution as written, certainly the First and Second Amendments, going after the Green New Deal and causing riots in our cities supported by Democratic governors and mayors. They refuse to condemn either Black Lives Matter or Antifa. In fact, the leader of their party, Joe Biden, has publicly referred to Antifa as "only an idea, not an organization." It is clear they intend to create a country we won't recognize.

Rise up Arizona! Vote for Martha McSally to keep control of the Senate and keep Arizona and our country in good hands.


RAdm. Denny Wisely, USN (Ret), commanding officer of USS Kennedy; leader / commanding officer Blue Angels; 300+ combat missions and MIG killer, Vietnam

Capt. Lonny McClung, USN (Ret), commanding officer TOPGUN; USAF Test Pilot School graduate; 200+ combat missions, Vietnam

Capt. Larry Ernst, USN (Ret), commanding officer USS Midway; graduate USN Test Pilot School; 136 combat missions, Vietnam

Capt. Larry Pearson, USN (Ret), commanding officer NAS Miramar; leader / commanding officer Blue Angels; USN Test Pilot School graduate; 158 combat missions, Vietnam

Capt. Jim White, Delta Airlines (Ret), 150+ combat missions, Vietnam

Capt. Mike McCoy, US Airways (Ret), 200+ combat missions, Vietnam

This guest opinion was submitted by Martha McSally’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

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