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Oil spills and mining disasters

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Oil spills and mining disasters

When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico a few months back, BP showed the world that they were willing to spin the story whichever direction would make them seem concerned or made the disaster seem, well, less disastrous.

They lied about the standards of the equipment and safety measures, they lied about the amount of oil being released, they argued with scientists over the "oil clouds" underwater, they've stated that the damage to the gulf, the wildlife and the people who make a living would not be affected as badly as everyone first presumed. They showed the world that though the catastrophe was "bad," not doing good PR could be "horrible" and made their decisions accordingly.

I suppose we should be less surprised that a multi-billion dollar company is willing to lie to save its bottom line, and instead, just be glad they don't own any mine shafts in Chile.

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