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Lea Marquez Peterson a 'phenomenal asset' to SAz business

One of the best assets, without question, for local small business in Southern Arizona is the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Lea Marquez Peterson has been the driving force behind the chamber and has been influential in its growth from 300 business to over 1,800. Under her leadership it has gone from being a relative unknown entity to the largest chamber of commerce in Southern Arizona. That is quite an accomplishment that speaks for itself.

Marquez Peterson has been a phenomenal asset to Southern Arizona small business and to our community. We should know, we have worked with her and seen firsthand what she has done for small business owners like ourselves. Marquez Peterson has been our voice, she represents the views of small businesses on the public stage. Our views and positions are not centered around right vs left politics, quite the opposite, as our membership is comprised of men and woman from all political beliefs. Our positions are centered in the reality of how these issues affect the growth and well-being of our businesses. We are not fat-cats nor large corporations... we are small, family owned businesses with mostly 50 employees or fewer.

Counterpoint: Lea Marquez Peterson's business experiences don't add up to her campaign promises

Marquez Peterson gets this, she is there with us as we struggle and is there to help and assist us with whatever we need so that we can be successful. That is why she is endorsed the by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. In contrast, Marquez Peterson's opponent is a career politician that recently moved into our community to run for this seat. She has a failing grade with NFIB and has demonstrated time and time again that she is apart of the Washington establishment and will not look out for local business owners. She has promoted an anti-business agenda before, and she will undoubtingly do it again.

Why should Southern Arizonan's elect someone not from our community, who has proven to be nothing more than a part of the Washington status quo by voting with Nancy Pelosi 90 percent of the time? When we can elect someone from here and whose blood, sweat and tears are woven into our community fabric.

Marquez Peterson receives her support from right here in Southern Arizona and her opponent gets the bulk of her support from special interest groups and donors from California and New York.

For us, this race is about community and personal experience, it's not about opinion pieces written by professional activists that would rather spend more time protesting outside a congressional office then showing up to one of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber's mixers that are hosted throughout Southern Arizona and engaging those that know Marquez Peterson best, members from this community.

/s/ Southern Arizona small business owners

  • Laura Paredes Oldaker
  • Bert Williams
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Edith Villalobos
  • Steve Mendez
  • Manuel Davilia
  • Nestor Davilia
  • Esther Hilman
  • Bob Janus
  • Alexandra Boneo

Carlos Ruiz is the owner of HT Metals, and a former chairman of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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Oct 5, 2018, 2:51 pm
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Marquez Peterson is a business “leader” famous for going broke. This article fails to mention that she dumped $3.2 million in debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, after she ran two Chevron stations and a convenience store in Tucson into ruin. She ducked out of court judgments, tax liens, lawsuits and loans. If we can’t trust her to pay her debts and run a business, how can we trust her not to default on voters in Tucson?

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Lea Marquez Peterson awaits primary election returns in August.