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Barber: Consider consequences of action vs. Syria

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Barber: Consider consequences of action vs. Syria

U.S. Rep. Ron Barber released this statement Saturday, following President Barack Obama's announcement that he would seek congressional approval before a military strike in Syria.

I am pleased that the president is seeking consultation and approval from Congress on this important decision for our nation.

This use of chemical weapons is a terrible assault against innocent men, women and more than 400 children. The United States and the nations of the world must condemn such a heinous crime against humanity.

I look forward to the debate in Congress regarding the president's decision and to receiving additional information regarding the U.S. government's findings and proposed military action against Syria. Before I vote on this issue, I want to hear the administration's complete rationale for action and the potential impact on other nations and our allies in the region. Congress must consider both the proposed response and the potential consequences of military action.

Ron Barber is the U.S. representative from Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.

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