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On Friday, the principal at Pueblo Magnet High School told teachers to award students who cheat a 50 on their assignments, rather than a zero.

"We will not be using zeros for any purpose," said the email from Principal Vivi Watt, which described the grading scale as "a 50 point scale, rather than a 100 point scale [sic]."

On learning of the proposal, TUSD Superintendent John Pedicone called the plan to institute "no-zero" grading at Pueblo Magnet High School "well-intentioned" but "naive," and said Watt had been told, "You can't do that."

If he'd been awarding grades, Watt would have gotten an F. Or at least a D.

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“Any assignments where students have a D or F can and should be ‘do overs.’”

— Email from Principal Watt outlining her proposed new grading scheme.

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