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Sentinel editor talks newspapers on TV

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Sentinel editor talks newspapers on TV

In one of those meta stories made possible by the Internet, here's yours truly writing about a Friday TV report by Fox 11 that includes said online editor and publisher pontificating about the layoffs at the Arizona Daily Star last week.

Fox reporter Lou Raguse contacted me because I could add some perspective to the layoffs, having been through the cuts and shut down of the newsroom at the Tucson Citizen. For a TV news report, Channel 11 put together a rather lengthy package on the Star cuts.

To cover all of the multimedia bases, I also appeared on Bill Buckmaster's radio show Friday morning, discussing the cuts with the Star's Sarah Garrecht Gassen.

So, for those keeping score, that's the online guy talking on TV and radio about the slow, sad decline of print. And then embedding those bits here for your perusal:

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