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Kwasman sees children

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Kwasman sees children

  • Arnie Bermudez

Adam Kwasman, Republican primary candidate for Congress, showed up in Oracle last week. Hearing that there was a bus full of undocumented children possibly headed his way, he decided he would protest that bus.

A bus full of kids did come by, only they weren't undocumented. Kwasman tweeted (and later deleted): "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

Arizona Republic reporter Brahm Resnik later asked Kwasman about the bus,  “Did you know that was a bus full of YMCA kids?”

Kwasman responded, “They were sad, too.”

In fact, the bus was full of smiling children who waved at the protestors and took pictures as the two buses maneuvered through a crowd of protesters.

Informed of his blunder, Kwasman stood firm, saying, "I saw children!"

Good thing he wasn't in Disneyland or Toys 'R' Us.  

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