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Jan. 8 Committee to Aurora: 'Deepest regrets and greatest support'

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Jan. 8 Committee to Aurora: 'Deepest regrets and greatest support'

The Remembering January 8 Committee, composed of some of the survivors and family members of victims of the 2011 Tucson shooting—including U.S. Rep. Ron Barber, released an open letter to those affected by last week's shooting incident in Aurora, Colo.:

An open letter to the citizens of Aurora:

The thoughts and prayers of our community are with the families of Aurora today, tomorrow, and always. There are no words that we can express that will make this time of unthinkable sorrow easier. We can only offer our heartfelt condolences, comfort, and our commitment to stand with you as you begin the journey to recover from the emotional and physical wounds left by this senseless act of violence.

The tragic events of July 20, 2012 that descended on Aurora are a horrifying reminder of the senseless shooting that touched our community on January 8, 2011. As we continue to cope and comfort our families, our neighbors, and our community, we desperately want to believe that perhaps this event in Aurora will be the last act of violence against innocent people who only want to peacefully celebrate life, and cherish special moments with loved ones, family and friends. However, we know that life is fragile and that troubled minds will continue to act out with inappropriate and often violent actions. Our hope is that your community like so many others affected by tragedies will show the world that these actions will not define us; nor will they deter us from being exemplary citizens who will teach others that communities are much stronger than the actions of an unbalanced individual.

As we have struggled to seek inspiration from those lost, from those wounded, and from those who responded, we have also reached out to other communities who experienced tragedies like ours. Those communities have rebounded with resolve and are a continuing source of hope, energy, and renewal. They have taught us how to gain strength, how to remember, and how to learn from events that defy meaning.

If there is any hope through tragedy, it is that the human spirit is unbreakable, and that each of us has the ability to overcome unbearable heartache and become closer as neighbors and stronger as communities.

On behalf of the January 8th Memorial Foundation Board of Directors, we send you our deepest regrets and our greatest support for the recovery that will define your community.

  • One-Eight Memorial Foundation Board of Directors
  • "Remembering January 8th - Together We Thrive" -Tucson, Arizona
  • Stephen Brigham, President
  • Ross Zimmerman, Vice- President
  • Darla Sidles, Secretary
  • Eric Schindler, Treasurer
  • Ron Barber
  • Karen Christensen
  • Cheryl Horvath
  • C J Karamargin
  • Emma McMahon
  • Pamela Simon
  • James Tucker

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