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Celebrate our free press on July 4: Give to nonprofit independent

Note: This story is more than 3 years old.

Celebrate our free press on July 4: Give to nonprofit independent

As you celebrate Independence Day, please support the free press that is the bedrock of our democracy, and help underwrite your local nonprofit news site: the

With the challenges we face as a community, and the heated partisan rhetoric about which set of "facts" to believe, there's never been a more urgent need for independent, transparent and vigilant local reporting. Give your tax-deductible gift today to invest in's award-winning authentically local news for 2018 & beyond.

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Or give a secure one-time gift with PayPal or your credit card:

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Please join with your fellow readers and support'll put your dollars to work holding politicians accountable, reporting the untold stories of the borderlands, and bringing you and the rest of Southern Arizona nonpartisan independent news without the spin.

We count on readers like you to help us pursue these important stories. If you value what we're doing and want to see TucsonSentinel.comcontinue and grow, please make your tax-deductible gift today! »

We have big plans to expand our reach, deepen our reporting, and increase the impact of authentically local news throughout 2018 — but we need your help right now.

If you haven't yet, join donors like John Kovacik, Richard Bulechek, Mark Sanders, Esther White, Tom Zoellner, Kenny Jacobs, Gregory McNamee, Humberto Lopez, Mark Napier, Lorraine Glicksman, Susan Crane, Judy Sensibar, Peter Herchenroeder, Marcia Tingley, Cindy Laughlin, Jeff Latas, Steve C. Kleinsmith, Donald Pitt Family Foundation, Susan Carmody, Karlene Schowalter, Callie Jordan, Kristin Almquist, Daniel Asia, Susan Thorpe, JD Wallace, Robin Hoover, Laura Horton Charles, Lucia Esparza, Chuck Freitas, Regina Suitt, Chuck Huckelberry, Jennifer Murphy, Richard Goacher, Georgia Brousseau, Jim Hannley, Albert Jordan, Jim Kiser, Gretchen Wagenseller, Kristel Foster, Robin Hiller, Marin Sardy, Stefan Myslicki, Loraine Zagula, Jean-Paul Bierny, Jill Bielawski, Jeannie Davis, Jill Madden, Donna Mabry, Bill Schmidt, Patricia H Frannea, Stella Miles, Rosemary Mancillas, Barb Schueppert, Lorraine Crouch, CE Elliott, Linda Ray, Randy Horowitz, Lara Rubio, Katie Bolger, Claire Wudowsky, Elizabeth Ervin, Jennifer Powers Murphy, Roy Kyle, Paul D'Hedouville, Rick Unklesbay, Robert Leonard, Susan Tiss, Janni Simner, Byron Howard, Monica Bauer, Marlene Bluestein, Wes Hooker, Lara Rubio, Catherine Gale, and Susan Gallegos, as well as Tim O'Grady, Byron Howard, David Bryan, Sierra Yamanaka, Susan Miller, Tom Volgy, David Mandel, Betsy Bolding, Joel Fineman, Jennifer Phillips, Paula Toffolo, Tom Walker, Kurt Reighley, Sharon Bronson, Ron Barber and many others, and give your gift today!

An alert watchdog

Journalism is a vital public service in a democracy. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds officials accountable. Community reporting celebrates the unique nature of Tucson's people, reflecting our sense of place through a knowing lens.

We aim to provide both: to point out the things we all love about Southern Arizona, and point to possible solutions for what needs changing. We believe that just as an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined city is not worth living in.

A smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.

But insightful reporting doesn't come free. Make your gift today — you may make a one-time contribution, or sign up for a monthly subscription that supports nonpartisan reporting year-round.

And just one more thing: Do us a huge favor and help spread the word about by telling your friends and family about us, and why you believe truly independent local news is so vital.

AND IF YOU OPERATE A LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS, get in touch with us for exclusive rates on effective underwriting packages that reach thousands of Tucsonans every day!

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