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Vice Presidential Blues

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Comic: Politics (and doughnuts)

Vice Presidential Blues

According to Wikipedia, a doughnut, aka "donut," is "an edible, torus-shaped piece of dough which is deep-fried and sweetened."

While the most reliable sources of doughnuts are — not unintuitively — doughnut shops, doughnuts can often also be found in the wild in the hands of policemen, and doughnut fragments (aka "crumbs") often can be found on the fronts of policemen's tunics.

Roberto De Vido is a communications consultant, writer, cartoonist and jack of many trades. The former chief of Tucson Sentinel’s East Asia Bureau, he now lives in California (make of that what you will).

“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”

— Oscar Wilde

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