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Small Biz Week: Buy local, eat local, read local

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Small Biz Week: Buy local, eat local, read local

Support local media during Small Business Week

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It's Small Business Week and is asking for your help. Our goal is to reflect our community, inform our community and to build community. As a locally owned small business, we can't do that without your patronage.

Just like the small shops and restaurants on 4th Avenue, North Campbell or Downtown, we need your support. Help keep local independent online news sustainable by donating, becoming a subscriber or signing on as a sponsor today.

Since our launch nearly 2 1/2 years ago, our readership has grown by leaps and bounds, as has our engagement on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of local readers who care about making Tucson a better place are getting their news from every day.

Beyond our local coverage of politics, border and immigration issues and more, is a driving force in the industry. We're a member of the prestigious Investigative News Network, and a founding member of the Local Independent Online News Publishers association. We're also a member of Local First Arizona, because we believe local small businesses are the backbone of our community.

Whether you're a new reader, or you've appreciated our independent news without the spin for years, we're asking you to do your part to keep sustainable with your financial support today. As a locally run nonprofit, we rely on your donations to provide comprehensive news and info about Southern Arizona.

We're committed to keeping the news free for all — we're not planning on building a paywall — because we believe an informed community is a better one. But we do depend on readers like you to lend their support to our mission.

Whether it's a one-time donation, or a recurring subscription, your contribution will help ensure more of the accurate and timely reporting that is so vital to a healthy community.


Is your business online? Your customers are!

If you own a local small business, chances are our staff, our readers and their families are your potential customers. Please consider supporting us and giving your own business a shot in the arm by becoming a sponsor of this locally owned and operated small business.

As a local business, we understand your needs. We believe in supporting local businesses, that's why we keep our underwriting rates affordable. Getting the word out about your firm is difficult in a media-saturated world. Partner with us to reach our audience of involved, engaged Southern Arizona readers.

Our news reports attract a growing audience of more than 6-10,000 every day. Over 2,400 Facebook fans, 1,700 Twitter followers and 5,000 registered members attest to our readers' loyalty to our site.

As a sponsor of, your small business or local organization can reach a community of engaged Tucson readers with your message. reaches more than 60,000 unique visitors (readers) per month, according to Google Analytics. Those readers return multiple times, many on a daily basis. (Those are verifiable numbers for actual traffic, not an estimated number of readers as some print publications use.)

From one small business owner to another: Those readers are your (and our) customers and prospects — the people in your target market who are most likely to shop and use your services. We also reach visitors to the area, who check our site for information about Southern Arizona.

And just a reminder: The money you spend with us pays local salaries and purchases local services; it winds up back in the local economy.

Why is different? We're local and nonprofit. We care about our community and invest our resources back into robust reporting. We maintain professional news standards and provide even-handed, honest journalism.

We don't report the news for profit, we report to make a better community.

We're not a national chain that's accustomed to pulling 30 percent profit margins out of our community. We're a local small business, and our fortunes rise and fall along with the rest of Tucson's business community.

That's why we encourage you to be mindful of where you shop. Spend your money at local stores and restaurants, and support local media with your dollars. Studies show that for every $100 you spend at a local business, $42 stays in the local economy. Spend that money at a chain store, and only $13 continues to circulate.

Buy local. Eat local. Read local. Be a patron of local business all year round, not just during Small Business Week.

Support today

We believe that just as an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined city is not worth living in. provides context by allowing broad-based community input, through informed analysis and public commentary. We strive to be an honest broker of civic engagement, to be evenhanded and develop quality journalism.

But insightful reporting doesn’t come free. Please join our supporters and make a donation, sign up for a subscription or become an underwriter today. Our dedicated staff and eager volunteers thank you.

Your contribution will demonstrate your involvement in creating a healthier, more informed Tucson.

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