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Mother's Day in the Roman Colosseum

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Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Mother's Day in the Roman Colosseum

On a day like today - Mother's Day - it's important to remember all the moms everywhere. And not just human mothers, mind you. What about all those animal mothers who sacrifice their youths, dreams, and appearances to birth their young? Let's take a minute to reflect on some of those sacrifices. 

Ovoviviparous snakes, like boa constrictors, give birth to live young, and their litter sizes can be anywhere from 12 to 60 baby boas. That's a lot of crawling kiddos.

A termite queen, who can produce thousands of eggs a day, may have tens of millions of children in her lifetime. And each of them will want its own name.

Certain fish mothers may eat their young, but this does not preclude their caring and constant filial worrying. I'm sure they slice their kids' sandwiches diagonally, just the way they like them, right up until the moment of cannibalism.

And let's not forget all the bird moms who feed only one of their two hatchlings, then stand by as the fattened child pecks its starving sibling to death.

To conclude, I think it's nice that a mama lioness would support her son by going to his sporting events and cheering him on.

Seventeen Words For Snow is a single-panel comic written and illustrated by Dave Low. Here are a few additional words he’d like to include in this space for the purpose of drumming up hits in Google Search: cartoon, drawing, humor, lions, mothers, Ancient Rome, and The Antique Tractor Club of Trumbull County.

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