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The art of interrogation, Obama-style

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Comic: Faisal Shahzad

The art of interrogation, Obama-style

People worried that in the post-Cheney era, American interrogators would be handicapped by the Obama administration's insistence on cheese-eating surrender monkey niceties like the observance of human rights.

But suspected would-be Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad has reportedly been singing like a bird ever since his arrest, thanks in large part to diabolical police interrogation methods.

Turns out, Democrats don't need 297 waterboardings to get terror suspects to confess. They just lock suspects in small rooms and show them reruns of late night talk shows.

Leno, Conan, it doesn't really matter ... they're begging for mercy after just a few minutes. And for the moment, that sort of torture is not barred under the terms of the Geneva Convention. Have at it, boys!

Roberto De Vido is a communications consultant, writer, cartoonist and jack of many trades. The former chief of Tucson Sentinel’s East Asia Bureau, he now lives in California (make of that what you will).

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